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Radiology is a medical specialty that uses advanced imaging technology to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. At Jass Diagnostics and Gynae Care, our Radiology department is dedicated to providing high-quality imaging services to aid in accurate diagnoses and effective treatment planning.

At Jass Diagnostics and Gynae Care, we are committed to providing exceptional Radiology services to aid in accurate diagnoses and guide effective treatments. Our dedicated team of radiologists, technologists, and support staff work together to deliver high-quality imaging services with a focus on patient comfort, safety, and timely results.

  • Diagnostic Imaging:

    We offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging services to capture detailed images of the body's internal structures. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes X-rays, ultrasound. These imaging modalities allow us to visualize bones, organs, tissues, and blood vessels, helping to identify and assess various medical conditions.

  • Accurate and Timely Results:

    Our team of experienced radiologists interprets the imaging studies and provides detailed reports to referring physicians. We prioritize accuracy and strive to deliver timely results to facilitate prompt treatment decisions and optimize patient care.

  • Advanced Technology:

    We invest in the latest radiology technology to ensure the highest quality imaging services. Our advanced imaging systems produce high-resolution images with exceptional clarity, enabling us to detect subtle abnormalities and provide accurate diagnoses.

  • Patient Comfort and Safety:

    We prioritize patient comfort and safety throughout the imaging process. Our compassionate and skilled staff members ensure that patients feel at ease and well-informed during their radiology procedures. We follow strict safety protocols to minimize radiation exposure, and our team takes measures to accommodate the specific needs of each patient.

Preventive Care

"Prevention is always better than cure."

We provide a holistic diagnostic services via tests, ranging from specific health check-ups to complete health check-ups, and more.You can trust our report.

Why to trust our diagnostics?

We have state of the art instruments to ensure quality and on time test result. All our instruments have bi-directional integration with our software, so there is no chance of human error We do have a radiologist who verifies the report, not for just namesake.

Following Procedures are done:

Routine USG of abdomen / Pelvis , Obstetrics , KUB etc Opthalmic , Scrotal , Thyroid & other small part USG Musculoskeletal USG, Upper and lower arterial and venous dopplers , Renal & Abdominal dopplers USG guided aspirations, Fetal 2 D Echo studies, USG guided procedures :- Aspirations , FNAC , Biopsies, Ultrasonography & Color Doppler, High End Sonography & colour doppler Machine, Multifrequency dedicated Transducers

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